This is not like any ordinary spray tan! Treat yourself to a customized, healthy glow where you are evenly tan and do not feel orange. All my products are violet based and leave you with a bronzed tan.


You will want to come in loose fitting clothes that will not jeopardize the tan as well as sandals. Also, you will want to be shaved and exfoliated from the night before and come with no lotion on. Once you arrive I’ll take you back and we can go over what exact color you desire. There are so many different tan level options, as well as a rapid tan. From there I’ll have you get undressed to your comfort level. When I re-enter I will put a head cap over your hair, foot pads on your feet and barrier cream on your hands ,sides of your feet and nails. I’ll also have nostril plugs if desired. This will ensure you no unwanted areas will be sprayed.


From here we begin the actual spray tanning. I’ll guide you in different positions that will make sure we are covering your body evenly. I will then dry you and then remove the barrier cream. You may then get dressed, and TA DA, you’re a golden goddess!