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MICROBLADING                                       $595
The latest MUST have beauty trend! This is a new tattoo technique that fills brows out and reshapes them by drawing tiny lines that look like individual hairs. You leave with your brows looking full and natural! It is semi-permanent and does not go as deep as a normal tattoo would. Touch up, typically 6-8 weeks later, is included in the service. Past 8 weeks will no longer be included and will count as an additional touch up for $125.


Powder Brows                                             $695
This is a technique to make a more powdered fill look.

Combo Brows                                              $695
This is the combination of hair like strokes with a powdered fill throughout the brows. The most popular choice!

Additional Touch-Up (within 3months)              $150
For previous clients only

One Year Color Boost                                    $325
It’s very common that around this time you will desire a touch-up. If you come within the 12-18 month mark you can secure this price.

Touch-Up of other artist work                         $400
The touch-up with another artist work will cost a bit more. This is due to the time and process it will take to build the brow.

HENNA BROWS                                          $50
Henna brows are a form of tinting the skin and hair in the eyebrow area. This service creates a fully customizable color which can be very soft or intense depending on your desired look. The difference between henna and traditional tinting is that henna tends to last longer on your actual skin. This allows us to map you and give you the best shape that is symmetrical with your face shape.  Typically, the brows will last 2 weeks on the skin and 6 weeks on the hair. Brow henna is a great alternative if you are debating microblading or would just like to not do PMU but see the full potential of your brows!

When it comes to eyeliner we got you covered! For a more natural look we have the:

Lash Line Enhancement Eyeliner     $595  touch up included
This is where we tattoo a thin black line along the lash line to create the illusion of fuller and darker lashes.
If you want something a little more dramatic we offer:

Eyeliner Tattoo                       $695  touch up included

This is where we will do the lash line but go a little higher to create a beautiful make up eyeliner look.

One Year Color Boost                                    $325
Here we will go over your previous lash line enhancement/eyeliner and get you back to your desired look.

Eyeliner healing is so easy too! The scab is the same color as eyeliner so no real “ugly phase.” You just need to keep the area dry for 2 days with no swimming or steam for a week. No contacts for a couple days and no lash extensions. They would just need to be removed 3 days prior if you have them. If you’re using a lash serum I would stop now. There may be a bit of swelling but not much and will subside within a day or two. The eyeliner lasts  3+ years!

Touch up, typically 6-8 weeks later, is included in the service. Past 8 weeks will no longer be included and will count as an additional touch up for $125.



Permanent Eyebrows

Due to Washington guidelines, sales tax is required on all permanent makeup.

A 24 hour or less cancellation will result in a 50% charge of your service.

A no show to your appointment will result in a 100% charge of your service .

This is due to the time we have set aside for you being very valuable. 

LIP BLUSH TATTOO                 $695 (includes touch up)
Lip Blush tattoo is everything! This treatment not only leaves your lips with a beautiful shape and tint, it also stimulates the collagen giving your lips a more plump appearance. We will take our time and map your lips ensuring we are in the lines and that you are happy. You will have a ton of colors to choose from and we can go over what will look best. During this service we are constantly making sure you’re numb and comfortable. The healing process is so fast too, you will be completely healed within 5 days. Touch up, typically 6-8 weeks later, is included in the service helping it last as long as 3-4 years. Past 8 weeks will no longer be included and will count as an additional touch up for $125.

One Year Color Boost                                              $325
Here we will go over your previous lip blush and get you back to the desired tint of your liking.

Prior to your appointment if you get cold sores, you will need to take your medicine for 48 hours before and then after. If you don’t, I suggest taking Lysine L that you can get at any local drugstore. Cold sores come when you have had trauma on your lips and can lay dormant in your body. This is why lysine is a great precaution as it is an immune booster.

I am a certified and insured teeth whitening provider. This service is done with a special blue LED light and when applied with solution, it rapidly whitens teeth in less than an hour. You will go home with a mineral pen to use on teeth to keep any sensitivity at bay and the results will last up to a year with proper at home cleaning and care.

1 Hour Teeth Whitening Session                             $250
The price is $250, which includes teeth whitening that lasts up to a year.

SPRAY TANNING             
Using only the best, naturally derived, products and solutions. You are always guaranteed to leave a sun kissed golden goddess!
Single Session                                                             $50
I offer a rapid tan as well for only $5 extra. You can literally shower a couple hours after and be good to go!

Are you looking for the best way to give your hair and skin life again? Monat is the answer! It's an anti aging hair and skin care line. But it's for EVERY age! It is sulphate, paraben, phthalate free. It's Vegan and cruelty free, so super great for your body. Take the quiz to see which hair and skin care is best for you.



Treat yourself to the ultimate wake up with your make up! Book together and save!

TWO PERMANENT MAKEUP COMBO                     Save $100!

(Ranges from $1090-$1290 depending on services)

(Ranges from $1835-$1935 depending on Microblading Style)

THE TOTAL PACKAGE                                                      Save $175!
(Ranges from $2060-$2160 depending on Microblading Style) 

*Add teeth whitening to any permanent makeup service and save $50!

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