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Permanent make-up for eyebrows of beauti

When you come in we will spend a big chunk of time mapping your brows and getting them to the perfect shape for you. This is the most important part so we do not rush it.


After you’re mapped it is numbing time. It is so important for you to be comfortable. We apply a topical that will start the numbing and then lidocaine. Lidocaine is continuously added the whole time! If pain is a fear of yours I assure you that you will be taken care of and be comfortable throughout the service.


You will be sent home with a durable barrier cream on your brows that will seal them in and protect them for the first night of healing. After that you will have a after ink cream that we will provide you with to apply for discomfort.


There is no downtime to healing for microblading! You will ask yourself, “why did I wait so long to do this!” 

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