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Getting your teeth whitened can sometimes be a little scary for some. I assure you that I will make sure you are comfortable throughout the whole service. Sensitivity is always what makes people nervous. The way that I have scheduled your appointment out leaves us with plenty of time to take breaks and go at your comfort level. But honestly there is little to no sensitivity. In the case you do feel sensitive we go over the area with a vitamin E swab where it’ll put it at ease within minutes.


After you have completed your 3 treatments that are all done simultaneously, we will put a mineral booster all over your enamel. This will seal in the whiteness, help with sensitivity and boost your enamel. When all is done I’ll send you home with aftercare instructions and the mineral booster pen that you will continue to use daily until finished. If you are feeling sensitive it will subside within a couple days max. This is not like any white strips that you can purchase at a drugstore. You’ll come in and leave within 90 mins and have a bright, confident new smile!